Overview of Language Comparisons

On this site there are several comparisons of Pascal with other languages and also comparisons between different dialects of Pascal. This overview provides an alternative route to these comparison sections and enables you to make comparisons more easily across the languages that we cover. For example, we provide comparison tables for Pascal with (in alphabetical order):

We have collated some of the data in the table below. Note in the last two rows how the languages manage to provide different routine names for changing the case of a string!

Table 1. Syntax Comparisons
  C/C++ C# JavaScript Pascal Python VB
Case sensitive? Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Block markers {} {} {} begin/end Indent level  
Assignment = = = := = =
Equality test == == == = == =
Single line comment // // // // # ' or Rem
Multi-line comment /* */ /* */ /* */ {}    
String delimiter " " ' or " ' ' or " "
Integer Division / (with integer operands) / (with integer operands) / (with integer operands) div // \
Modulus % % % mod % Mod
Record struct struct constructor function record tuple Structure
Pointers? Yes possible No Yes No No
String to upper case strupr .ToUpper() .toUpperCase() UpperCase .upper() UCase()
String to lower case strlwr .ToLower() .toLowerCase() LowerCase .lower() LCase()

In order to compare Smart Pascal with JavaScript, Python, PHP, Lua and Dart you could use our BlocklyToSmartPascal and use the same XML description of the blocks in the Blockly Playground. Some of our Blockly pages such as Caesar Cipher, Insertion Sort and Parallel Arrays show generated code in several languages. You can follow the direct links to JavaScript and Python code.

Comparisons between Dialects of Pascal

We tabulate some differences between Smart Pascal and Lazarus (Free Pascal). Also, in the tutorial entitled Language Development, we compare the syntax of a few language features in three dialects of Pascal. The following table provides links to the code used to demonstrate the features.

Table 2. Links to Examples
Language Feature Pascal (Lazarus) Smart Pascal Oxygene
For-in loop for month in MONTH_NAMES do for month in MONTH_NAMES do for each month in MONTH_NAMES do
In-line for loop control variable   for var a := 1 to 3 do for a: Int32 := 1 to 3 do
Case string of case direction of case direction of case direction of
Generics Generic Sort   Linked Lists and Stacks and Queues

See also differences between Delphi and Lazarus.

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