Our Mission

Our aim is to promote Pascal programming in schools by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience.

The perseverance, inventiveness and flair demonstrated in programs written by students inspired us to create this site and will surely inspire others to have a go at programming themselves.

Teachers of Computing can direct their students to the basic tutorials and there is plenty of extension material for the most able programmers. Pupils who have missed vital lessons should find the site especially useful. Parents are encouraged to show an interest and to have a go at programming themselves. They may be surprised how much more accessible it has become in recent years. Students of Mathematics and Science are invited to use the site to learn Pascal to enable them to apply their knowledge of these subjects creatively.

The site is born out of a spirit of co-operation and the belief that many people will be keen to support this endeavour. We welcome submissions by schools and colleges of Pascal programs written by their students for inclusion on the site. Please add links from your own web pages to the pages on our site that you find to be particularly useful.

Programming - a skill for life!

The purpose of the site