Online Books and Tutorials

Learn Pascal by Tao Yue
This clearly written Pascal tutorial includes programming assignments and solutions.
Pascal Programming Tutorials by Sheepdog Software
Do not be put off by the "no frills" appearance of this site. The tutorials begin with straightforward examples, giving plenty of detail. They cover interesting extras such as playing sounds, and progress to advanced material. Some examples use the crt unit, which is present in Lazarus but not in Delphi. The crt unit includes the ClrScr procedure to clear the screen and the GoToXY procedure to position the cursor before writing to the screen. There are useful links to resources on other websites, often covering difficult topics.
How to Program in Pascal and Delphi by Sylvia Langfield
Google Books has put online a significant number of pages from the Pascal section of this excellent book.
The Pascal Programming Language by Bill Catambay
These pages have links to Pascal resources for a variety of operating systems, with many references to the Mac OS.

Online Help/Reference

This impressive site is most helpful for visual programming in Delphi because it gives form-based rather than console-based examples. It is packed with useful information about the Pascal language, however, and can be a useful source of help for console programs as you become more experienced. Ignore the “Show full unit code” option for viewing examples and use the writeln procedure instead of ShowMessage.
Reference Guide for Free Pascal (Free Pascal is used by Lazarus.)
These authoritative pages include plenty of examples and cover the basics through to advanced features of the languages. Differences from Delphi and Turbo Pascal are noted.

Pascal as a Stepping Stone

Monitor this new site for student programs in languages other than Pascal and for brief "Getting Started" guides to other languages and technologies. A working knowledge of Pascal/Object-Pascal will be assumed. CodeShow also has links to material on this site.

Online Dictionaries

The Free Online Dictionary of Computing includes “anything you might expect to find in a computer dictionary”.
Webopedia claims to be “the only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology definitions.”


Game Development

Pascal Game Development
Webmaster AthenaOfDelphi ensures that the site is a good source of news (such as advances in Lazarus and Delphi), tutorials and discussions. She is organising the development of the PGD Community Engine, which should allow students to produce even better games.
Pascal Gamer Magazine
The magazine, edited by Jason McMillen, is a free, downloadable publication covering game development and design with Pascal and Object Pascal development tools. A section of the site provides a showcase for past PGDAnnual competitions and, most usefully, source code for entries for Dogfight (the 2005 competition).
Freepascal meets SDL
An excellent site for learning how to use the Simple DirectMedia Layer
NeHe Productions
3D demonstrations and tutorials
Programming - a skill for life!

Getting Started, Links and other resources