Getting Started with Delphi


The following topics will help you to use Delphi to write a simple "Hello World" program. You are also given advice about how to experiment to find out more about Pascal and Delphi.

You will type your programs into the Delphi editor or copy them from the Programs or Tutorials sections of the site. At a single click of a button, Delphi will run the program in its editor. It will translate the programs into machine code instructions that are executed by the computer. Delphi will provide information about any errors in the program if it is unable to translate it.

You will probably be using a copy of Delphi that your school has provided. (Deals are available for Delphi for use in AQA centres). If not, you can download a trial version from the Embarcadero site. You may be able to afford a starter edition, but we advise you to try a trial version or Lazarus first to make sure that you are going to be able to master the Pascal language.

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