We are grateful to all those who have encouraged us and provided advice, and to the following for contributing their programs:
  • Adam Greenberg (Compressor and Decompressor)
  • Adam Renak (Crossword and MarbleDrop)
  • Alex Griffiths (Betting)
  • Alex Karet (Hangman, BlendingEllipses and ConnectFourLaz)
  • Alkesh Gajjar (Rocket and SUVAT)
  • Arnav (BettingGame)
  • Ayotunde (CasinoRoulette)
  • Charles Tanner (Physics)
  • Christopher Winward (MarbleRun, SpaceShooter, A_star and Calculator)
  • Daniel Lever (StopwatchLaz)
  • Dom (Cool and, with Luke, NineteenEightyFour)
  • Felix Thompson (CollatzASM, MaxCircles, BigFibonacci and BallTrajectory)
  • George Wright (ObjectMovingBalls, RandomPlatformScroller, BankSimulator, TowerOfArcher, MorseCode, and, with Luke Ashford, KnockoutWhist)
  • Hamish (BounceBlocks)
  • Hasaan Ausat (RockPaperScissors)
  • Heemesh Vara (Functions)
  • Ihsan Fazal (Mazer and MultiDraw)
  • Jack Fearn (MorseCode)
  • James Farnsworth (Tester & TestMaker, TankGame, Notes and three pages of guidance for the Raspberry Pi)
  • James Gunn (WaveInterference)
  • James Hall (CrazyMaze, PixelSort, SuperHappyFunLand, CrazyPaint, GameOfLife, KoalasInSpace and AlphaHost & AlphaClient)
  • Jerzy Griffiths (Word_processor)
  • Joe (Versions 1 to 3 of SnakeWithoutATail)
  • Joel Sutcliffe (PenApplet and RoamingBlockBuster)
  • Josh Blake (BattleshipGames)
  • Lewis Wright (Battleships and Bogosort)
  • Luke (pixel art for NineteenEightyFour, programmed by Dom)
  • Luke Ashford (RandomNumberGenerator, OnScreenTimer and, with George Wright, KnockoutWhist)
  • Matt Tucker (DelphiManager)
  • Matthew (MazeOnCube and RetroKeeper3D)
  • Max Foster (PascalPokemon, NetworkChat and Mr Snugglekins and the Giant Sack of Catnip)
  • Michael Wardley (Risk)
  • Mitchell Weiss (ChristmasProg)
  • Nathan Horsley (Shoot)
  • Nathaniel Oshunniyi (CombinationPermutation and MatrixInverter)
  • Neil (SpaceEvaders, Versions 1 and 2 of Roller and RollerApplet)
  • Nikhil (GoalQuest, MazePlus and Chainer)
  • Omar Hamid-Chohan (Cars)
  • Peter Hearnshaw (3D-Driving, Snake, Trains, FlyingUK, Adventures, Knowledge, FaceChange, Encrypt, Arithmetic, CowGame, ascii3D, SaveUK, GASP and MolyMaker)
  • Reggie (Trapped)
  • Steven Binns (My_first_sdl, Invader, TesterGameEngine, ALifeSim, PlatformDemo, Blink and My_first_sdl2)
We would like to acknowledge the contributions and feedback from the following schools:
  • Rickmansworth School
  • Watford Grammar School for Boys
  • Watford Grammar School for Girls
Thanks to the following for their support in the ways indicated:
  • Steven Kamradt for providing the Roman numeral challenge;
  • Jussi Salmela for spotting deficiencies in a few demonstration programs and for providing solutions;
  • David Intersimone (David I) of Embarcadero for a favourable review in his blog and for his efforts to provide a more affordable or free cut-down version of Delphi for schools;
  • Marco Cantu, Delphi guru and author of many Delphi books, for his blog;
  • Jason McMillen, Editor in Chief of Pascal Gamer Magazine and Co-Founder and former Webmaster of Pascal Game Development, for permission to adapt and republish his Artillery Game Tutorial here;
  • Jack Crenshaw for his permission to republish and adapt Let's Build a Compiler;
  • Dharmesh Tailor for converting ten Java applets to Oxygene for Java and for writing his own demonstrations;
  • Jim McKeeth of RemObjects Software for his enthusiastic blog, Oxygene Goes to School;
  • <oXygen/> XML for providing free licences for their highly recommended XML Editor;
  • AthenaOfDelphi, Webmaster of Pascal Game Development for her article about PPS and George Wright's RandomPlatformScroller;
  • Gwen Adair for permission to use photographs of her paintings to enhance the website.

We are grateful for the constructive feedback received and the many other offers of help in the early stages, and look forward to expanding this section further in due course.

Programming - a skill for life!

Thanks to the many people who have helped