TINY Appendix

Follow the links below to test programs and examples of test data. We have found that Jack's compilers are very good at detecting and reporting on illegal input. We include a few examples of illegal input. These documented tests are a representative sample of the types of test we have conducted. They show you examples of the input accepted by the programs. (You should find it easy to test rigorously once you see examples of the programs in action). These pages demonstrate how easy it is to write your own programs for testing in-line assembler code, and how close we are to automating the whole process of complete compilation to machine code. Please let us know if your tests reveal any failings in our code.
Programming - a skill for life!

PPS introduction to the sixteen chapters of Let's build a compiler! by Jack Crenshaw, adapted for output to Intel processors. Conversion of compiler to output ARM assembler for use on Raspberry Pi.