Experimenting with Procedures and Functions

You could return to a previous program, then
  1. decide which groups of statements perform a single task,
  2. convert each group to a procedure, then
  3. call the procedures from the main program.
Procedures with parameters to try:
  • procedure TimesTable(Number : integer); to write the times table for Number
  • procedure DrawStarBoxFill(Length, Width : integer); to draw a filled box of stars
  • procedure DrawStarBox(Length, Width : integer); to draw an empty box with a border of stars
  • procedure DrawCharBox(Length, Width : integer; Character : char); to draw an empty box with a border of characters
Functions with parameters to try:
  • Calculate hypotenuse of right-angled triangle given the lengths of the other two sides
  • Area and volume calculations for a range of shapes
  • Conversion of the digits 1 to 5 to the corresponding strings 'one' to 'five'
  • Function to return the distance given the acceleration and time (s := a * t + 0.5 * a * a;)
  • Other equations of motion
  • Other equations from Physics such as simple harmonic motion and the lens equation
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Introduction to Procedures and Functions