Language Development


Oxygene for Java and Smart Pascal (based on DWScript) are relatively new languages and Object Pascal (as Embarcadero's Delphi and Free Pascal) advances to keep pace with the requirements of a modern programmer. In this section we will point out some changes and compare Pascal dialects.

We start with for-in loops, available from Delphi 2005, which can neaten your code and make it slightly quicker to read. The second page demonstrates the convenient in-line declaration of the control (stepper) variable in for loops in Smart Mobile Studio and Oxygene for Java. Case Statements with String Selectors demonstrates the use of strings as a case selectors in Lazarus, Oxygene for Java and Smart Pascal. Generics shows an example of a generic class for carrying out an insertion sort in Lazarus.

Possibilities for further topics in this section (in addition to unknown future developments) include anonymous methods and closures, class helpers and records with methods.

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