Sources of Help

This introduction gives an overview of several sources of help. Follow the links below to more detailed descriptions.

An obvious and very helpful source of information is the excellent Freepascal meets SDL site. Note that the set-up is described for the rather 'clunky' free pascal IDE rather than for Lazarus. For 3D demonstrations and tutorials, see the NeHe Productions site. We strongly recommend the Artillery Game Tutorial that Jason McMillen has allowed us to republish here.

We have identified strengths and weaknesses of the documentation in the download of header files. By its own admission, "The SDL Guide section is pretty incomplete". We consider its strength to be the SDL Reference section and the tables are most useful. We needed to put in some effort to make the examples compile.

Finally, you can examine the annotations and subroutine declarations in the Pascal header files.

Programming - a skill for life!

Using SDL, Box2D or the GLScene or Castle Game Engine to write games in Pascal