Installing TMapViewer

The following steps describe how to download and install the map viewer in Lazarus. The map viewer needs files in an additional download of Synapse in order to compile. These instructions refer to an installation of Lazarus to the C:\lazarus folder.

  1. Download the zip file containing the map viewer package and the example.
  2. Extract all to C:\lazarus\components.
    (This worked for us but we wait to see what will happen to it when we reinstall Lazarus. If you know of a better location, then use it).
  3. Download (2012-04-23 - release no. 40 and extract all to a convenient folder.
  4. Copy the extracted files in the source\lib folder to the mapviewer folder.
    Our folder name was mapviewer-c591fee46899.
  5. In Lazarus, select menu item Package > Open Package File (.lpk)...
  6. Navigate to where you extracted kcmapviewerpckg.lpk and open it.
  7. Click on the Compile icon.
    This should compile if all the required Synapse files are in the mapviewer folder.
  8. Click the Install icon and accept the invitation to continue.
    This step may take a few minutes. Be patient!
    When complete, you should see new icons in the Misc component tab of Lazarus, as shown below.
    New Icons

    New Icons

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Lazarus demonstration of a map selector