Using Dialogue Boxes

Dialogue boxes are modal forms that allow the user to interact with the application. The term modal means that the user must respond to the form before other forms can be used. The simplest is the ShowMessage dialogue which we have used already. The user clicks on the OK button to acknowledge that the message has been received. The other message dialogues allow additional buttons such as Cancel and display symbols for the type of message such as a warning. We describe message dialogues in the next page. These dialogues do not have components from the palette to add to your form.

In our examples of using files so far we have usually set the filename as a constant that you can change by editing the source code. If you want the user to be able to save, rename, and browse for files then file dialogues provide an easy way to achieve this. We have a section on using the Open and Close file dialogues. These are components on the Dialogs tab that you add to your form. Select the links below for demonstrations of the above and also of the colour, font and calendar dialogues.

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Using widgets (such as list boxes, combo boxes, string grids, DBgrids, charts and maps) and drawing on the canvas