Experimenting with Vector Graphics

  1. Write a program to:
    1. draw the following three filled shapes in the order given to reproduce the shape icon used in Lazarus. All dimensions are in pixels.
      1. red square, side length 150, top left corner at (200, 180)
      2. yellow triangle, vertices at (200, 50), (280, 200) and (120, 200)
      3. blue circle radius 75 centred at (120, 200)
    2. draw a circle, with centre and radius as input by the user;
    3. read data from a file and draw shapes accordingly;
    4. draw random graphics, e.g. random circles of different colours;
    5. draw a graph e.g. y = 1/x;
    6. draw a bar chart;
  2. Program Mandelbrot is made for experimentation. The loop for each pixel in the original program on Merlin's Delphi Forge is repeated until (Sqr(rU) + Sqr(rV) > 9) or (iNewColor = 14).

    It is interesting to start from these values and investigate the effect of changing 9 and 14 to higher and lower values. Can you change the code so that the graphic points in the opposite direction?

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Vector Graphics using the CRT, Graph and WinGraph units and output to SVG file