Experimenting with Moving Graphics

  1. Write a program like program MoveLetter to trace out the shapes of some of the following: L, V, Z, M, W, E, H, T, X, Y.
  2. Write a program like program FlyIn to fly in text from off the screen to the right.
  3. Incorporate some animated text into the output of one of your existing programs.
  4. Adapt program Rebound so that it draws the ball directly instead of copying it from a buffer to see how it compares with the performance of the original.
  5. Add more intermediate ball positions as the ball moves more quickly in program BouncingBall so that the motion is smoother and the drop height can be increased.
  6. If you have not already done so, try varying the constants in the programs to get a feeling for how they affect the motion.
  7. Develop program Rebound so that there are objects within the box to rebound from.
  8. Experiment with different colours of moving objects and backgrounds to see the effect of the arguments XORPut, ORPut, AndPut or NotPut when used in the putImage procedure.
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Introduction to Motion Graphics