Web Version of SuperHappyFunLand

by James Hall: L6 Age ~17 (converted to run in Smart Mobile Studio by PPS)


This web version has glitches, but it should suffice to give you a quick preview of the 3D views obtained with the original. Do not try it on an iPad! After clicking on the graphics window, use the wasd and i and k keys to move relative to the objects and see the objects from different perspectives. The effect of the n and m keys to move the objects laterally without making them appear to rotate as they do so. See the details of the original version here and view the code of this version on the following page.

If SuperJS does not run in your current browser, please try another (such as Chrome). If you see no display at school, the security system might have blocked it. You can try instead this direct link to the program running on its own page.

Programming - a skill for life!

by James Hall: L6 Age ~17