AlphaHost and AlphaClient

by James Hall: L6 Age ~17


James explores possibilities for creating a networked game in programs AlphaHost and AlphaClient. Users not only chat but also move their labelled sprite around the background image. (Some of the code is from KoalaInSpace and is more than is necessary for the current functionality of the programs). The music is commented out.

James provides the following instructions and warns users that the chat functionality is incomplete.
  1. Use SuperIpChicken (or other methods) to find your IP address.
  2. Run AlphaHost as host.
  3. Run AlphaClient on any computer.
  4. Enter IP address found earlier.
  5. Move with the arrow keys.

We started the server then added the three clients with users Tom, Dick and Harry on the same computer using the localhost IP ( The following screenshot shows the programs in action.

Output from program AlphaClient

Output from program AlphaClient

Transmission is of strings only; James converts the players' coordinates ("cords") to strings. The 4-character codes pcor, pliv, pdis and pmes at the start of strings represent respectively the player's coordinates, connection (becoming live), disconnection and message. James declares his strings as of type string, assigns first a dummy string such as aaaaaaaa to the variable to set the required length, then converts to pchar for transmission. We wonder if he tried using the type pchar throughout.

Follow the links below to see the source code of the two programs.

Download here the source code of both programs and the sound and image folders.

The programs require the same .ttf, .dll and .pas files as KoalasInSpace.

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