Web Version of Invader

by Steven Binns: Y11 Age ~15, converted to run in Smart Mobile Studio by PPS


We converted Steven's popular Invader to run in Smart Mobile Studio so that you can try it on this web page. As with the original version, control the invading bug (such as a virus) with your mouse and try to survive for as long as possible by avoiding your enemies - the moving white blood cells. Survival becomes more difficult as you and the cells enlarge and cells marked with a red "aggro circle" home in on you. Click in the game window then press Escape to both quit the game and stop the music.

If InvaderJS does not run in your current browser, please try another (such as Chrome). If you see no display at school, the security system might have blocked it. You can try instead this direct link to the program running on its own page.


For the source code follow the links below.

Programming - a skill for life!

by Steven Binns: Y11 Age ~15