by Steven Binns: Y11 Age ~15


Control the invading bug (such as a virus) with your mouse and try to survive for as long as possible by avoiding your enemies - the moving white blood cells. To begin with, you have plenty of space in which to move and survival is easy:

Easy start

Easy start

The longer you survive, the more difficult survival becomes as you and the cells enlarge and cells marked with a red "aggro circle" home in on you.

Game over

Game over

You should appreciate the smooth graphics while hearing the music for added effect. Notice the blended colours at the overlapping portions of the circles. You can quit, should you want to, by pressing Escape. Steven has thoroughly commented his code for your benefit. Clearly, he is a talented programmer and we look forward to seeing what he can produce with OpenGL.

For the source code and for a version in Smart Mobile Studio (that you can play on its web page) follow the links below.

To compile and execute the program you can download, unzip it and double click on Invader.lpi to load it into Lazarus then press F9. See Getting Started with SDL and SpaceShooter for download details of SDL.dll, SDL_gfx.dll, SDL_mixer.dll, SDL_ttf.dll, libfreetype-6.dll and zlib1.dll if they are not already on your system.

Programming - a skill for life!

Seven programs including ALifeSim, Invader, My_first_sdl2 and PlatformDemo by Steven Binns