by Steven Binns: Y13 Age ~18


Steven wrote most of the code of this game when in he was in Year 11. He returned to it recently to make it presentable and to indicate possibilities for future development. Even though it is not in its final form, we think it is a valuable resource for its technical features and for giving you ideas to implement in your own games. Steven has written a useful instruction document, but admits that there may be "undocumented features" at this stage.

The following screenshots provide a flavour of the game.



Halls of Shadows

Halls of Shadows



Immediately after you are killed the menu reappears. You can check your accumulated score in the Halls of Shadows.

As a user, it can be difficult to predict the effect of a collision. The source code reveals why:

procedure EnemCollide(t: boolean);
begin //Deals with collisions between the player and enemies whether it kills the enemy or
      //damages the player is controlled by the parameter

We look forward to your feedback on the game. See the following page for the instructions and subsequent pages to see the source code.


We include one of Steven's sound files. You can put your own music files into an array and use Steven's (now commented-out) code to select one at random for each game.

Download the zip file (4.48MB) containing the source code, the executable, the libraries and "readme" files, the instructions, the images and one sound file. Unzip all of the contents to a convenient folder and double click on blink.exe.

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