Web Version of A_star

by Christopher Winward: U6 Age 17


For the full introduction to this shortest-path finder see Christopher Winward's original version. You can examine the code of this version on the following pages. The conversion demonstrates:
  • the use of several units in a Smart Mobile Studio program;
  • dragging with the left or right mouse button depressed;
  • input with the Insert and Delete keys;
  • the use of TObjectList (instead of TList, which is unavailable in Smart Mobile Studio);
  • drawing squares, lines and text.

The Running Program

If A_star does not run in your current browser, please try another (such as Chrome). If you see no display at school, the security system might have blocked it. You can try instead this direct link to the program running on its own page.

Programming - a skill for life!

by Christopher Winward: U6 Age 17