Installing Lazarus

Before doing this exercise you must have downloaded Lazarus onto your PC. How to do this is described in the previous topic.

Make sure that you have permission to install the software on the PC.

If you are not an experienced PC user, it would be a good idea to obtain the help of someone who is experienced at installing software.

The following steps describe how to install Lazarus to your PC.

  1. Log onto your PC. You may need to use an admin account in order to install software.
  2. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder to which you downloaded the Lazarus zip file.
    Typically, you may have downloaded it to the My Documents/Downloads folder.

    The setup file may appear as follows:

    The Lazarus Setup icon
  3. Start the installation by double-clicking on the Lazarus Setup icon.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Accept the default answers (e.g. install to where it suggests, and use the standard installation, not the advanced one).
    After Lazarus has finished installing, you will be ready for the next exercise.

The next step is to write your first Pascal Program, using Lazarus. The next topic describes how to do this.

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How to install and set up Lazarus to create, edit and run Pascal programs